The models E3/E4

The E3 that started it all…

After more than 5 years of development and signs of various lay-outs Elling had a big day in 1998.

The first Elling E3 tasted the water in 1998. The option list at that time was almost endless but there was a lot of choice. Ranging from a Cummins 76, 180, 370 or even 450 hp were possible at that time.

Added to this is a nice aspect, the “ornamental ribs” on the deckhouse. However, they are not decorative ribs, but in those days it was indicated by the number of ribs how much horsepower you had on board.

1 represented 76 hp, at 180 there were 2 at 370 and 450 it were 3 ridges.
I don’t think I have to explain to you that also with the 76 and 180 hp versions 3 ridges were ordered extra.

To also give you an idea of the sailing characteristics of the E3 I can tell you the following.

  • The Cummins 76 hp brings the Elling to a maximum speed of 8.5 knp.
  • The Cummins 180 hp runs a knot or 10 to 11.
  • The Cummins 370 hp brings the E3 to 13 to 14 knp.
  • The Cummins 450 hp brings the E3 to a knot or 15 to 16. (depending on load)

Volvo engines have also been ordered in the past. In the Elling E3 which was built from 1998 to 2004 this could be the Volvo TAMD 74 480 hp. An EDC engine which was usually delivered with an electronic throttle. For that time already quite a step in watersports!

After the success of the Elling E3 which also had a garage (on SB) with lots of storage space, the shipyard was asked to make an Elling E3 without a garage but with an extra bathroom.

Then there was an E3 customer who also wanted a 2nd bathroom on board but did not like to do this at the E3. According to him the space was not ideal and therefore in 2003 it was decided to make an Elling E4. This Elling E4 is 14,40 and has the same straight staircase as the E3 but without a garage and with a 2nd bathroom complete with shower and toilet.

After that, the staircase of the afterdeck was also adapted. The “round ass” was a fact and also the E4 was taken here.

The Elling E3 became 13,80 mtr the Elling E4, 14,95 mtr (just under 15 mtr to be able to sail the Rhine. Above 15 mtr you are obliged to have a Rhine Patent).

The deckhouse, saloon, side cabin, front cabin, bathroom and kitchen are the same in the E3 as in the E4!

The motorization of the Elling E3 and E4

In 2004 and 2005 it was still possible to order the Cummins 450 8.3 ltr CTA. However, in 2006 came the transition to Common Rail Diesel engines. More economical and quieter.

Cummins came with the QSB 425 hp.

Cummins was the main brand for Elling but because Cummins had several delivery problems it was decided to switch to Volvo.

There was already experience with the Volvo TAMD 74 480 hp conventional engine and now Volvo came with the Volvo D6-435 hp at 3500 rpm.

The Volvo D6-435 is currently one of the most built-in engines in the Elling and there have been a number of customers who have deviated from that. Americans and Norwegians prefer to stay with the Cummins. Both engines are very economical at hull speed.

Consumption at 7.5 knp is at 7.5 ltr per hour.

Elling modellen
Oude trap model Elling E3