Over more then 13 years of experience in the delivery and sales of Elling Yachts!

Difference E3/E4

The first Elling was delivered in 1998. Before that, it took 5 years to engineer this unique concept. At this moment more than 250 Ellings are built.

This unique model, with the room of a small apartment and is capable to go slow and can also reach 17/18 knots. Built under CE Catergory A, the safest category, A class of its own.

In 1998 the first Elling E3 with the dimensions of 13,20 x 4,25 (43 ft length and 3ft width) was delivered. The first boats where delivered with a ‘garage’ on the aft, meant as storage. (or bikes) and most of the Ellings did had a sliding roof and double glassed windows.

The ‘garage’ was also the entry to the main switches and generator / heating compartment. A well thought out solution but a few Elling owners needed more space.


oude achterkant             garage 2      

The Elling E3 with the garage on the right.

The first Elling E4, 48ft, was delivered in 2003. An excisting owner of an Elling E3 came with a new suggestion to make a model where there was more space on the aft deck and a separate bathroom in the ownerscabin. The E4 was born and the ‘garage’ was history.
The space that was created was enough to fit a bathroom with a sink, shower and even a toilet!

A new succes number was made.

There where almost 100 Ellings built in 2003 and it was time to change the mouled of the E3.
An E3 with a smouth aft and an eassier acces.
This new E3 was delivered in 2004…..a small change but really worth it. Inside the same furniture but this Elling was a little bit longer than his younger brother.

All Elling E3’s from 2004 are 13,80 mtr (45ft and still the same width, 13 ft.) This extra few ft gave Elling the apportunity to make an aft cabin with separate bathroom. The bathroom contains a shower, toilet and sink. A 45ft yacht with two fully bathrooms……hard to find! And we talk about bathrooms where you can move not to dry the toilet after every shower.

Now both vessel as E3 and E4 could be delivered with 2 bathrooms.
The idea came to fit the E4 with the new aft also. Did had two advantages, a nicer looking boat and more space on the aft deck!
Sizes of the E4 where 48 ft and that gave the E4 almost 5square meter of space on the aft deck, and also in the owners cabin. Please note that the deckhouse, salon, kitchen, front bathroom, are the same in both models!

achterhut E3 small  Achtercabine E3

Left : the ownerscabin of the old E3,42 ft  right, The 45 ft version with separate bathroom on SB side.

E3 Aft deck 1 small  aft deck E4

Left, the new E3 aft deck from 2004,    right, the E4 (3ft longer then the E3)


oude achterkant      DSC00447

To give you an good idea of the old and new version.

The Elling E4 stayed just below under 50 ft (15 mtr) This was done for a few reasons.

In the beginning, and you can still, order a new Elling with a small engine. In the past the Cummins 76 hp was the smallest to get.
That gave you the apportunity to sail slow without needing any licences. (In Holland you need a permit when you sail or when you can sail faster then 20 klm per hour)
(more about engines, see below)

Another reason is the River Rhine in Germany. You may sail on this river when the boat is smaller then 15 mtr. Elling thought about this point very carefully because Germany is a big country and has a good connection with the French rivers. A license for the River Rhine is not easy to get, you have to do a course of several days, and you have to do a exam on the river Rhine also. Not really suitable. We would like to sail, enjoy and discover Europe without any limits, on the sea but also on inland waterways.  This is all possible with the Elling.
Even the small French chanals are possible to cross. The foldable radararch gaves a total hight of 3,45mtr in the water. (depends on the weight of the boat, but it is a nice excuse to fill up the boat with whine, beer…and all others to ‘survive your holdiay’. (that is why Elling also designed the whine cellar)

The E4 is still very popular because it is easy to sail for a couple and there are cabins enough to invite family or friends.

Althoug, some thought the the E4 was to small and another model was designed. No, not the E5…..It was the E6. The next generation is 65ft and desgined with the same categories as the E3 and E4. This yachts is available in the beginning of 2016. please visit this link for more information.  www.elling-yachting.