Buy or sell a Elling yacht

Buy or sell your Elling at Elling Brokerage?

Richard Wolffers is the real estate agent who specializes only in the Ellingen.
He has 17 years of experience with the Elling including new construction, trial runs, deliveries and deliveries at home and abroad.

So much product experience can be very useful when selling your Elling. The buyer will also appreciate that technical questions can be answered. Surely you like that too? Also, you will not get any difficult questions from the broker to ask how your boat works. After almost 17 years Richard Wolffers knows better than anyone how to operate the Elling.

We can also do the entire delivery where the new owner gets an explanation of the entire ship. Every valve, fuse, drain valve, everything is covered.

I am happy to be of service to you.

Richard Wolffers
T: +31 6 132 984 75

Kopen en verkopen van een Elling jacht